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Consider an Apprenticeship – It Pays!

Choosing what do after A-Levels isn’t always easy. Higher education can cost a lot. But there is an alternative to going to university, and it pays!

And that matters. Because not everyone wants to borrow large amounts of money only to be saddled with a huge debt at the end of their studies. So, let’s talk about apprenticeships. Why shouldn’t you be paid to learn a new skill right here at home in the North West? Let’s talk about wages!

Considering an Apprenticeship?

Whether you are interested in health, sport, construction, engineering, social care or retail, there is going to be an apprenticeship that is right for you.

For instance. If you are interested in eventually progressing to management. You could choose a business administration apprenticeship such as a Team Leading Level 2 Diploma. If you have a passion for dealing with people. You could opt for a client-facing business administration apprenticeship such as a Customer Service Level 3 Diploma.

Whatever your working aspirations. You can almost certainly find an apprenticeship to get you there. Just take a look at the whole range of learning placements and qualifications on offer. From IT User Skills Btec Diplomas to a Trade Business Services Level 2 in Sales.

Want to discover more? Get browsing! All the information you need is here online at Asset Training, just waiting for your fingertips to do the walking!

It Pays to do an Apprenticeship

Not all apprenticeships are low pay, either. For instance, some apprenticeships pay a very good wage. Whatever your earnings, you are being paid. You know you will always have cash in your pocket to pay for the things you enjoy.

Time down the gym? A Friday night on the town with your mates? Shopping at the weekend? All without feeling the pressure of that ever-mounting debt which comes as standard if you opt for the university lifestyle.

Even if your starting wage is on the low side. You should see it as an investment. Many highly successful business people started off as apprentices. And they swear that the time and energy they put into learning their trade at grassroots level was the reason they rose to the top so quickly. Take a look at this issue of Apprenticeship News to find out more about how they did it.

Think about it. Apprenticeships actually give you a salary while you gain practical, on-the-job experience and get your foot firmly on the employment ladder. Plus, your employer pays any training fees. So you don’t get lumbered with loan repayments and thousands of pounds of debt when you come out the other end.

Search for an Apprenticeship Today

In a world where you rarely get anything for free. Apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity to actually get something back while you learn and gain the work experience you need.

And while your starting wage may not leave you living the high life. Always remember that some employers boost your real earnings by providing funds to help pay for travel costs and other training equipment such as clothing and tools.

Other additional benefits occasionally include things like car rental, help with accommodation or relocation, and even a pension scheme. The National Union of Students also recognises the time you spend studying while you work. It offers an Apprentice Extra Card. Which may enable you to access further travel discounts.

And don’t forget you will also have the benefit your working rights as an employee. Being safeguarded by a contract which will detail your statutory holiday pay and any sick leave.

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