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Simone Rooney’s Story

Simone reviews her experience of the education she has received to date and how an apprenticeship programme was most suited to her. She explains all of the positive aspects of doing a qualification whilst working and how this has benefited her in all areas.

‘If I knew about apprenticeships when I was in school then I definitely would have made the right choice and gone straight from school to an apprenticeship – because look where I am today’

Poppy Wolfarth’s Story

Poppy explains how she struggled with dyslexia in school and how the academic route wasn’t the
best thing for her but that she was better at the more hands on skills. Her apprenticeship has led to
not only professional development but also personal development, including buying her own house!

‘I’m debt free and can save money to buy my own house’

Matt Simm’s Story

Matt decided to do an apprenticeship because that was the best option for him to prepare himself for the working environment. Matt finds it rewarding to be able to use the IT skills gained through his apprenticeship training to help other colleagues.

‘You feel like you have a leg up on university students because what you are learning is suitable to the role you are doing and there is a higher possibility of employment after it’

Kayleigh Reardon – Sefton Council

Kayleigh had a negative experience prior to her apprenticeship as she was made redundant. She
explains her apprenticeship enabled her to not only complete a course, but also to get a job. She
reviews how the confidence she lost from being made redundant has built back up because of her

‘I think more people should know about apprenticeships because a lot of people think that when
they leave school, college is the only option’

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