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What to do Next if you don’t Achieve the Grades you Needed to get into University

August has students everywhere nervously checking their email inboxes and waiting impatiently for the postman. Trying to find out if they have achieved the grades they need to get into their chosen university. But what happens if you don’t achieve the grades your chosen university was asking for?

University is often cited as the only option for students leaving secondary education. Not much research into alternatives is ever considered by some secondary schools. Not achieving the grades you needed to continue onto university doesn’t mean all the doors have closed for you. There are other alternatives which might suit you and your needs better, including apprenticeships.

What to do Next

Your grades have returned. And you didn’t get what you needed to meet the conditions of your university offer. You can either decide to pursue a university career by applying to other courses in clearing. Or you can research alternative options.

An apprenticeship is a great alternative to university as you can become qualified in a career or in a particular skillset whilst still earning a wage. Begin by searching online for organisations that support and deliver high-quality training and qualifications. Such as Asset Training & Consultancy Ltd. There are several reasons why an apprenticeship is a better alternative to further education.

You Still get a Qualification

Whilst an apprenticeship allows you to work in your chosen industry. You are learning throughout and you come out of the experience with a national qualification that is recognised and respected by employers. You can continue your education up to degree-level whilst working in a ‘real job’.

Competitive Salary

An apprenticeship allows you to work a real job whilst working towards your qualification. Instead of spending 3 years dependant on a student loan and part-time employment. You can earn a competitive salary and your training is paid for by your employer. Meaning you don’t have to spend a penny.

Stepping Stone to a Further Career

It gives you a great opportunity to gain a feel for the working environment you are becoming trained in. As well as the chance to network with those in your field.

It is a great stepping stone towards a further career path. For example, young people who do client-facing business administration apprenticeships or cleaning and support apprenticeships are almost guaranteed a job in their chosen field. Asset Training & Consultancy Ltd benefits from having excellent employer links and a long-standing reputation. Making it a great organisation to choose when searching for an apprenticeship.

Learning in a Supportive Environment

One of the benefits of apprenticeships is the support network that surrounds them. Not only does the apprentice benefit from the help of the employees of the organisation they are working for. But, they also have support, encouragement and advice on hand from a qualification centre.

Staff at Asset Training & Consultancy Ltd are passionate, experienced and learner-focussed in their work. Ensuring that those studying and working for an apprenticeship have a wealth of knowledge and support at their fingertips.

On-the-job Experience

Instead of graduating after 3 or 4 years of further education with a degree in your back pocket only to realise you don’t enjoy the industry you’ve spent years studying to be a part of. An apprenticeship gives you instant on-the-job experience.

You’ll benefit from working in-house for an organisation. Giving you a taste of their what day-to-day life is like and what your job role will be structured around. It gives you practical experience in your chosen field and the chance to learn from seasoned professionals.

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