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The Top 10 Apprenticeship Myths

Over the years we have found that one thing that stops people considering apprenticeships is the misconceptions they have about them. That’s why we have created this infographic which addresses some of these myths. We tackle some of the most common apprenticeship myths. Such as apprenticeships are only for young people. And how much money apprentices can expect to earn in the long term.

Our infographic attempts to educate both employers and learners. Giving you the facts and information which will reveal whether considering an apprenticeship is right for you. Or if you are an employer, whether offering one or more in your company could be advantageous.

top 10 apprenticeship myths infographic

Apprenticeship Myths Debunked

As you can see some of the most commonly held beliefs about apprenticeships are in fact false. When you ask someone to describe the typical apprenticeship role. They will probably talk about an entry level position in the construction industry. Not appreciating that apprenticeship roles are available for staff who are making their way further up the career ladder. And that there are apprenticeship opportunities available across a number of industries. Not just in construction.

This is also probably why people tend to think apprenticeship roles are predominately taken by men. There is no doubt people’s beliefs that construction is a male dominated industry. Combined with thinking that this is the industry where apprenticeships are available, contributes to this myth. However, as you can see from the statistics. The split between men and women starting apprenticeships is close to 50-50. This gap is also closing as time goes by.

One Day a Week at College?

This is another myth which can put off employers from offering apprenticeships. Just how can the 20% off the job training requirements be met. Employers think this must be one day a week at college. Or one week in every 5. But there are in fact a range of ways this 20% requirement can be met. Asset Training have put together a comprehensive employer guide on the subject. You can read our 20% off the job employer guide here.

Apprentices Never Earn Much Money

Another commonly held belief is that apprentices don’t earn much money. People believe that taking up an apprenticeship will restrict how much money you can earn. However, a quick look at the statistics tells you this is wrong. You should be using apprenticeship opportunities to increase your earning potential.

Pursuing an advanced apprenticeship can boost your lifetime earning potential by up to £117,000. With degree apprenticeships increasing this figure further, you can expect to see a corresponding increase of around £150,000.

Need More Information on Apprenticeships?

If you would like further information on apprenticeships, contact Asset Training today. We can give the information you need to make the next step in your career. We have over 20 years of experience in delivering training and apprenticeships of the highest quality from our centres in the north west.

All of the programmes we deliver are bespoke to the needs of the company. We will work alongside you to deliver the highest standard training available.

Our experience also allows us to support learners to the best of our ability. Not only are we are able to identify current opportunities. But we can also show you what this will lead to as you career progresses. Together we can ensure you are on the right track to reaching your goals.

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