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Becoming a Company’s Vital Cog – The Business Administrator

According to the latest figures from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills at the start of 2020 there were just under six million private sector businesses in the UK with 0 to 49 employees, which represents 99.3% of the total business. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) account for 99.9% of the business population.

Between 2019 and 2020, the total business population grew by 113,000 that’s 2% of the total. Nearly a fifth of all SMEs are operating in Construction, while Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities account for 15% of all SMEs, while 9% are in the Wholesale and Retail Trade and Repair sector.

Correspondingly, a quick internet search, at the time of writing, reveals that there are more than 35,000 full time business administrator posts across various websites. There are clearly rich pickings out there for anyone interested in this type of career.

What is Business Administration?

It’s a broad field that is relevant to many sectors including marketing, local government, human resources, finance, operations management, information systems, food service management, office management, healthcare administration and office management.

One of the main purposes of business administration is to oversee the daily operations of an organisation to ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Many a great career in business started in an administration role – former Tesco CEO Sir Terry Leahy started out as a marketing assistant. The similarly influential Sir Howard Bernstein joined Manchester City Council as an 18-year-old office junior before working his way up the ladder, eventually becoming chief executive officer.

So opportunity knocks for the ambitious recruit. Today’s global economy also brings with it a wealth of new markets, shrinking profits and increasing operating costs and the need for good business administration has never been greater.

Business administration is a very broad role – and therefore interesting. Business administrators can be, and often are, thrown in at the deep end so communication skills are very important; you will need a good overview of operations because being ‘the go-between between departments or individuals is a key function.

There is also lots of contact with people outside of the office and a keen eye for detail and for organisation is vital. By helping an office to run as it should it allows others to do their job as well as they can and for the organisation to be successful.

There are certain aspects of the job that you can make your own, of course, but by being an integral part of the planning of the business you will be highly valued. To become that ‘key cog’, training in all aspects of business administration either beforehand or while in the job really helps you to become the best you can be.


Asset Training’s business and administration qualifications are designed to meet the needs of an individual looking to break into office life or meeting the needs of a business which wants to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations.

Our distance learning course provides a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification and therefore provides evidence of competency and ability to employers. In furthering personal and professional development individuals are able to learn at their own pace and at a time that suits – without having to attend college.

What Will You Learn?

We offer a comprehensive course. You will study the principles of providing administrative services; the principles of business document production and information management; understand communication in a business environment; understand employer organisations; and understand how to develop working relationships with colleagues. All of this is vital for success allowing you to develop the skills and acquire the qualifications that meet industry standards and help you hit the ground running.

We believe that if an individual is given the right training they can have a job for life. If they are self-motivated, adaptive and always looking to improve their skills it will be more than a job but a career and be an asset for everyone.

So, whether you’re interested in landing that business-critical job or climbing the career ladder within an established organisation or looking to set up your own business, having business administration skills is a sure way to improve your prospects.

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