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The Best things you Learn as a Business Administration Apprentice

Being a business administration apprentice can teach you a huge amount. And is a fantastic way to get experience and grow your skills. As an alternative to university, it gives you real-world experience of a business environment. You’ll be paid a salary and will also have the opportunity to learn on the job, without incurring hefty tuition fees.

In the long term, an apprenticeship may lead to a career in your chosen field. Perhaps at the company you have worked in during your training. Here are some of the best things you will learn during your business apprenticeship.

Boosting your Confidence

As a business administration apprentice you get exposure to a wide variety of people and situations. This will require you to grow your skills in communication and step out of your comfort zone. You are likely to be required to meet and greet visitors to your office. Perhaps organising meetings for example.

You will also learn to communicate and build relationships with your colleagues. From junior peers to more senior managers. In doing so you will develop your people skills and learn to be confident in yourself around other people. These are not things you will learn at school, but are vital in the long term. Learn more about the benefits of confidence here.

Organisation Skills

Businesses require a lot of coordinated organisation. And as a business apprentice you will be responsible for part of this. Your tasks may include booking meetings, helping to organise events, booking travel, and assisting with organisation of the business’s finances.

You may be required to help process a lot of paperwork. So your existing organisational skills will be put to good use. You will also learn new skills and techniques, too. Being well organised means learning how to take accurate notes, manage paper filing systems, write and keep on top of to-do lists and scheduling tasks.

Working with IT

Your apprenticeship will teach you lots about information technology. Before starting your apprenticeship you are likely to be familiar with many standard IT programmes, such as word, excel and powerpoint. But you might not know all of the techniques you can develop to make the most of these programmes.

You may, as part of your training, be asked to produce documents, send emails, and create spreadsheets or databases. Sometimes your supervisors may ask you to use programs such as outlook, excel and powerpoint to improve processes within the business, to get organised or to bring people together. Each of these tasks will give you the opportunity to hone your skills. Find out more about the type of programmes you will use here.

Variety of Admin Skills

As well as the mainstream IT skills. You’ll pick up a wide range of super helpful skills working with different office equipment and tools. For example, getting competent in using photocopying and scanning equipment. Growing your confidence in answering the phone. Learning how to manage calendars and how to file and save documents in a helpful way. These competencies will be invaluable in your apprenticeship as well as in your future full time job.

Customer Service Skills

If your role involves dealing directly with customers. You will also grow your skills in customer services. You will likely be asked to answer the phone, talking to customers about their queries or issues.

If you meet customers in person you will learn how to make them feel comfortable and welcome. At this stage, you are likely to be the first person the customer has met. And you’ll be responsible for giving a good first impression of the company.

Completing a business administration apprenticeship is a great way to learn and improve. Find out more about apprenticeships by contacting us today.

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