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Apprenticeship Case Study – Simone Rooney

We interviewed Simone Rooney, MI Lead at Asset Training, to get an insight into how she feels an apprenticeship was better suited to her skills. And to learn more about her experiences in the workplace so far.

What Does Your Day to Day Role Involve?

My day to day role involves managing the MI team to ensure that compliance and processing of
documents relating to personal data and different funding streams from the government body ESFA. Oversee and maintain accurate contractual data within the management information system, working to monthly deadlines and ensure that Partner contracts are managed accordingly by monitoring data in line with the funding guidance.

How did You Find Out About Apprenticeships?

I did start off at sixth form when I left high school and we didn’t really know anything about apprenticeships. I tried my best to get stuck in and do all the coursework, but I couldn’t take to it. I ended up leaving after a year and a half. I obviously didn’t finish all of my A-Levels and I ended up unemployed, and that’s where the opportunities come across to do all the courses that the job centre sends you on. And then that’s where I got offered the level 2 administration apprenticeship from Asset Training.

Did You Always Plan To Do an Apprenticeship?

I didn’t always plan on doing an Apprenticeship, I originally wanted to go to sixth form and then progress to university. I didn’t hear about Apprenticeships until I decided sixth form wasn’t for me after 1 year of starting. This has definitely been the best route for me to gain as much experience as possible to progress within my career.

How have Apprenticeships Benefited You?

The course has benefited me a lot because I do struggle with confidence and things like that. But that have just brought my personality out of me. They know where I struggle and where my strengths are but they put all this together and try and help me out along the way. Which I really like.

What do You Think are the Advantages of an Apprenticeship over University?

The benefits of working in the workplace is being in real life situations. Whereas if I was sitting in a classroom, I just be sitting there reading through workbooks and coursebooks. In my job role we are meeting with real clients and dealing with real situations.

Universities you end up with debt and everything else at the end. So its great knowing that I’m still going to have a qualification at the end of this, while being in a stable situation where I am still earning a wage.

Would You Recommend an Apprenticeship as a Career Starting Point?

If I knew about apprenticeships when I was in school then I definitely would have made the right choice and gone straight from after school to an apprenticeship. Because look where I am today. If I would have stayed at university I would probably still be there. And I might not have been able to use my degree when I came out of there as I might not have been able to get a job in the industry I wanted to do.

What is the Next Step Your Planning To Take In Your Career?

I have recently completed my management apprenticeship. And I am now looking forward to developing my self further with additional training opportunities.

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