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About NVQs

NVQ’s are nationally recognised qualifications. They will focus on evidence of your competence in the job you do in your related industry. You will need to prove that you meet national standards set out by Industry and commerce. All training, where possible, is carried out in the workplace by prior arrangement by you and your assessor. NVQ’s are flexible and will be structured to meet your needs. Assessors will structure your qualification to meet your needs and formulate a plan that will make it as easy as possible for you to meet the standards you will both be working to.

Remember that your assessor is there to help, support and guide you in obtaining your qualification and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

The qualification that you are embarking on may also contain key skills which will equip you with a key skills qualification. This will enable you to receive an additional certificate and will take the form of being assessed on Information Technology, Application of Number, Communication, Working with others and Improving Learning. Part of this can be achieved whilst completing your NVQ and some will require you to complete by assignments or by gathering evidence in your daily routines.
Your assessor will discuss the best route with you in detail.

What Happens Next?

Your assessor will arrange a convenient time to visit you in order to issue you with your portfolio, or alternatively with your password for 'Onefile' - the on line paperless portfolio system which most of our learners now prefer to use.

Don’t worry if it looks a little daunting - it will at first, but as you progress with your NVQ it will become much clearer, and your assessor is available to answer any questions you may have.

You may also be a little confused with the language (or jargon) used in the portfolio or 'Onefile'- this is quite natural. ( Think back to when you first started work with your employer or took driving lessons, ) as you get further into the course you will become more competent.

Any concerns that you do have will no doubt have been experienced by previous learners, so if you feel the need, discuss them with your assessor.

How Is Evidence Obtained ?

The majority of evidence is obtained through observation in the workplace. Your assessor will basically watch you do your job. Whilst carrying out your job your assessor may ask you for explanations of what you are doing or ask some related questions. The reason for this is that there are standards to be achieved and if they cannot be obtained through observation, then questioning will confirm your competence.
Your assessor will also phrase the questioning so you will be able to relate it to your job role, and will eliminate any jargon that is present.

Other forms of evidence may take the form of witness testimonies, storyboards or guided discussions.
Below is a brief description of what they all mean

Forms Of Evidence

Witness Testimony : Even when your assessor is not present you can still obtain evidence. If you have done something that will relate to your NVQ and someone has seen or knows you can do it, then ask them to complete a witness testimony.

Storyboard : This is very similar to completing a witness testimony. The difference being that you will write about what you have done.

Guided Discussion : There may be situations that may never happen in your workplace due to a number of reasons. Your assessor will have a conversation with you about them and complete this on your behalf.

Benefits Of NVQ’s

They are qualifications which are nationally recognised by employers as being relevant to employment. These qualifications are within a system that is accessible to everyone, no matter what their job role is.

These qualifications fit in to a simple framework that will clearly show the career routes that will be open to you.

They are qualifications which are based on competence and recognised by all employers.

When Will I Get My Certificate ?

This will depend on which award you are taking, as your portfolio may need to be inspected prior to certification by a moderator from the governing body.
In some instances we can send for your certificate quickly once inspected by the company Internal Verifier. His/Her role is to check the portfolio, and ensure the standards you have been working to have been achieved.

This process is ongoing from the start of the programme, so if there are any issues these are usually resolved before the verification process.
If your portfolio requires inspection by the moderator, then your certificate will be requested immediately it has been verified, and once received in our centre forwarded on to you.
To ensure there are no delays in the achievement of your qualification it is important that you liaise with you assessor and carry out any plans that you have been given.



In most cases the training and assessment is FREE. No small print, no sneaky 'one off' charges - absolutely FREE.


Our assessors will arrange with you the best times to come along, and the best times to stay away! Sometimes the busier you are, the easier it is for us to assess - but we can discuss that.
The happier you are, the better we can do our job.

Also, the programme is designed to run alongside your job role, not conflict with it.


Why not? - everybody else is, including employers. They are a good indication that as well as doing a job well, you also have the appropriate underpinning knowledge to go with it. They give you a focus within your chosen career and also help to establish a good safety net for you whether you are looking to switch careers, try for promotion or just become better at what you do.


Not with us you haven't, otherwise you'd know that training & development doesn't stop at one qualification - that's where it starts.

You can focus on almost any aspect of a job role and enhance it with a qualification - customer service, storage & warehousing, management, health & safety, administration...the list is endless.

Don't forget - quality is an ASSET!

Asset Training & Consultancy Ltd would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website.

We wish you every success in achieving your chosen qualification, and hope that this information has helped.

NVQ’s are an enjoyable way of gaining a recognised qualification, and we hope we can assist you in your goals to achieve the next level, as you progress in your career and aspirations. 

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